At Mitra’s Bath & Body, we use only Unrefined Shea Butter and never Refined Shea butter, because refined shea butter is not good for your body! Please read below for more information.


Refined Shea Butter!

To meet the demand for scent-free pure white shea butter in the cosmetics industry,  almost all of the shea butter available on the market now is refined by chemically extracting the seed oil using petroleum byproducts such as hexane, a known carcinogen and classified as a hazardous substance by the Environmental Protection Agency. Refined shea butter is also subjected to high heat in the refining process which eliminates the naturally occurring fatty acids and proteins that are so beneficial in the unrefined butter.

Refining shea butter also means adding chemicals such as sodium hydroxide.  This also alters the natural integrity of the shea butter, basically making it ineffective as the “wonder cream” it was before refining.  Add to the attempt to change the natural yellow color to white through bleaching and what you have is a cream with “compromised integrity”.